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Mustard Seed Relief Mission

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Mustard Seed Relief Mission

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Mustard Seed Relief Mission is an Eastbourne based Christian charity which provides much needed project work for disadvantaged children and sending humanitarian aid to the orphanages of the Ukraine and Moldova.

In addition to routine aid which is sent and the project the charity supports, each Christmas since 1992 the charity has operated its much loved project ‘Love in a Box’

This project allows schools, businesses, churches and other organisations to fill shoe boxes with goodies for the children who would other wise not receive a Christmas present.

Each shoe box is picked up, checked, sealed and sent to the children via lorry. The lorry is met by the English distribution team where the precious gifts are given out to the children who are eagerly awaiting them. Then the fun begins as the children open the gifts. There is always a shriek of laughter, joy and excitement. The children wait all year for this moment. The children always thank the distribution teams and ask us to say a big thank you to all the kind English people who show they care.



Hospital Project

As most of you know one of the projects we are supporting is the local childrens hospital in Lededin, Ukraine.

Mustard Seed has a good relationship with the hospital and they have been very grateful for the help that has already been given by the charity, but there is still so much we can do to help the children who find themselves in hospital and in need.

The hospital is working with equipment which in our world would have been condemned many years ago and mattresses and bedding still need to be improved. Back in the 1980s I trained as a registered nurse - to see such difficult conditions faced on a daily basis by the dedicated staff and their patients, quite frankly, breaks my heart and compels me to work harder to provide for them.

I have a message from the Director of the hospital who is pictured above:

"We at Lenedin hospital cannot thank the Mustard Seed supporters for the kindness, compassion and love which has been shown. We are all so grateful that you are making a difference to our patients and your kindness is very much appreciated, God bless you".

I hope to visit the Ukraine in the Summer and meet with the staff to address some of these issues for the children and purchase new equipment. If there is any thing you can do to help I would be so grateful.

ABOVE: Pastor Sergey visiting the hospital and showing
the conditions the children have to endure

ABOVE: Two of the hospital doctors who work so hard and with such
compassion for their patients. But as you can see they are limited
in the treatment they can give with such old equipment.